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Our outdoor stalls

Once again, you can choose your layout!

JMETA offers the very best in terms of outdoor stalls. We use exclusively solid and high quality materials on the following stalls:

  • In-line stalls: this arrangement includes the possible advantage of being constructed to form a corner.
  • Stalls in line with rear passageway: the back wall of the stall has a front with a sliding door opening on to a passageway, the depth of which is defined when placing the order; the corridor itself is built with a 2 m entrance door to the outside.
  • Outdoor back-to-back stalls.
  • Outdoor barn stalls: the building is closed either by opening windows or double hinged doors for outside exit.

Boxes en ligneBoxes avec couloir arrièreboxes extérieurs en dos à dosBarns

The advantages

  • Guaranteed to last
  • Tailor-made solution, designed by us from start to finish.
  • Meets every one of your expectations

JMETA specialises in the manufacture and installation of outdoor stalls in Bouillon!