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Feeders, drinking troughs and circulating heater by JMETA

Ref.: 5530.10
 Straight or corner type polyester feeders

Drinking troughs
Ref.: 5515.10 Drinking troughs with pressure adjustment, synthetic bowl

Circulating heater JMETA

Ref.: 5510 The circulating heater kit by JMETA mounted to the frame consists of:

1 five litre heater
1 central heating circulator
2 isolating valves
1 drain valve
1 water supply closing valve
2 nonreturn valves
1 water return temperature thermometer
1 differential circuit breaker, 30mA
1 circuit breaker, 16A protection and cutoff of heater
1 circuit breaker, 2A protection and cutoff of circulator


In summer:
The circulator and the heater are at a stop.
The drinking troughs are supplied directly and the direction of flow is controlled by the nonreturn valves.

In winter:
The circulator and the heater are on.
The adjustment of the adhesive T° is made according to the reading on the circuit return thermometer; increase or decrease the effect of the heater.
It is essential to ensure that the circulator is operating profitably since it can, after standing idle for several months, remain blocked.
The water pressure must not exceed 5 bar (see your accredited installer).

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