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Front with hydraulic 180° opening system Exclusive!

JMETA installs your front with a hydraulic system. The solution is ideal, exclusive and makes easy work of cleaning out your stalls!

This mobile structure offers a host of advantages:

  • Mechanized cleaning with full access to the entire width of the front; the feeder accompanies the front as it turns.
  • Complete clearance of the passageway for parking the trailer thanks to complete swivelling through 180°.
  • Simple and effortless manoeuvring in just a few seconds; floor and beam indexing ensure automatic release and swivelling on a steel ball is outstandingly smooth and easy.
  • Replacement is simple too: just operate an actuated valve to reduce the pressure and stand the front on the floor at the index points.
  • Standing on the floor, the front prevents straw or chips from escaping into the passageway when the horse moves around the stall.

The advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Opening through 180; for easy cleaning.
  • The passageway stays clean and the straw stays in the stall.

Do you also want to save time and energy on stall maintenance? Opt for a hydraulic system front built in our workshops in Bouillon.