J Meta - Bouillon - Supplier for horses

New construction materials

A. Metal structure

A.1. New metal profile

JMETA now uses a 6-ply U-shaped profile measuring 60mm x 45mm ensuring the very high lateral rigidity which is essential to handle lengths of 3 metres and more. 

The solid chassis on provided with two U profiles in the head to tail position as central beam, assembled by plug welding, ensuring that the welds are concealed.

A.2. Stainless steel

In the GRANDES CLASSES stalls category, the ROYALE model is available in brushed 316 stainless steel.


B. Filling

B.1. RF filling :

The Red Fir used increases from 43mm to 53mm thick in the U-sections measuring 60mm x 40mm, either in natural finish to be stained by the customer in the chosen hue, or in greenish autoclaving. The purpose of new thickness to improve the solidity of the mortice and tenon joint.

B.2. PE filling :

Our polyethylene stalls are built of 38mm thick material. We have chosen the Govaplast product for its higher and unrivalled quality so that your installations continue to meet your needs for many years.

B.3. Concrete slabs :

They are 10 cm thick, available in different colours, in imitation brick, or in a complete range of shot-blasted finishes and any colour. These slabs are clamped into a metal framework so that our constructions offer the same life duration as a traditional building method.

C. Hydraulics

Our technical descriptions offer the means of evaluating our new front swivelling or divider systems using systems for lifting the partitions before swivelling them.
The fronts lift 4 cm by means of an individual jack, before swinging through 180°.
The dividers lift 20 cm, using a manual or electric central unit, before swinging through 90° above the litter pellets towards the back wall of the stall.