J Meta - Bouillon - Supplier for horses

JMETA solarium with "CE” approval

J Meta - Bouillon - Solarium

Solarium 15 x 250 W + Fans + nearby cell + electric winch + built-in coin slot system
Ref.: 3000.10

Connection for 380 Volts
Ref.: 3010.10

Ultra violet 4 x 60 W
Ref.: 3100.10

Galvanized retaining tube
Ref.: 3300.10

Painted epoxy retaining tube
Ref.: 3301.10

Pair of polyester epoxy painted attaching posts with solid brass ball
Ref.: 3400.10

GOVAFLEX slab 1000 x 1000 x 40 black
Ref.: 3500.10

JMETA as designed equipment available as a kit with all standard equipment, the only options being ultraviolet and 380 V connection
The  coin slot device (€2) is installed as standard and can be cancelled by a key for free use.

Solarium: Technical data

You get:

  • Three rows of 5 x 250 watt infrared lamps
  • On/off control by rotary knob and indicator light
  • Programmable logic controller for managing 20 minute cycle time and proximity cell.
  • Time delay proximity cell cutting off the device if it is too near the horse with a risk of burning it. After correction, the device completes the cycle without any loss of payment if the coin slot device is used.
  • An electric travel end winch.
  • Two fans mixing the air and activating the drying process
  • Solid polyester epoxy finish in the colour of your choice.
  • A control box which also includes an emergency shutdown button

IT IS MANDATORY FOR YOU TO HAVE 2 Amp power and an installation protected by a 30 mA differential circuit breaker.