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Mobile dividers

Sliding system in passageway

Ref.: 260.10

The stalls are built facing each other, separated by a central passageway with a width proportional to the depth of the stalls.

With rail in passageway

The divider is guided by a wheel set at a height governed by the height of the cleaning machine.

Without rail in passageway 

The passageway rail is replaced by a polyethylene wheel having a diameter of 100 at the front; in this case, the movement of the divider has to be guided to nest it between the two facing fronts.

J Meta - Bouillon - séparations mobiles

Swivelling systems inside stall

Ref.: 261.10

Masking on divider or divider grill

Ref.: 234.00

The bars are replaced by 28 mm thick polyethylene over a length of 82 cm, flush with the feeder, in order to isolate the horse while feeding.