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Our “single leaf” stable doors

High or low “single leaf” stable doors: a new bespoke solution!

For all your stalls, what could be better than “single leaf” stable doors? A practical and durable solution!

Mounted to side rails of 100 x 50 firmly seated in a solid or massive masonry structure. The bottom section is 1.24 m high and has a bolt at the bottom, a two-point lock and adjustable hinges.

Opt for the STYLPORTE range: This single leaf two-part stable door is beautifully designed with several particularities making it a top class solution.

We propose several options:

  • Filling with wood or polyethylene
  • Filling of the top section with Makrolon.
  • Full swan-neck fitting in lower section
  • Cylinder lock with key
  • Galvanized sheet metal on the inside for lower section with wooden infill.
  • U-shaped doorframe to be mounted to 19 mm cinderblock
  • “Tête bergère” style shutter catch
  • Bottom section stopped by large model magnet
  • Lower aeration by shutter for STYLPORTE

The advantages

• Reinforced structure ensuring exceptional durability
• Concealed welded finish for perfect aesthetics
• Tailor-made solution, designed by us from start to finish.

Opt for quality with JMETA, specialist in “single leaf” stable doors in Bouillon!