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Our circular walkers

Great time for your horse and free time for yourself!

To gain time and exercise your horse, we can install circular walkers from our workshop in Bouillon.

Practical properties

It isn’t always easy to arrange your agenda to suit the exercise needs of your horses. The automatic walker ensures that your horse gets between one and two hours of exercise every day, without forcing you to stop any other activities.

Advantages for the horse

Are you concerned about keeping your horses in good physical shape? The walker is the ideal tool, the optimal stimulator for your horse’s physical condition. The horse improves its physical shape and strength immeasurably. In addition, this exercise calms the horse down, making it more docile.

Technical advantages

The JMETA walker is built with the highest grade equipment. The metal sections used are generously oversized to make the equipment particularly robust. It can be assembled under an 18 m diameter roofed metal marquee and accommodate between 4 and 6 free-wandering horses in a 2.50 m wide corridor.

Available for 4 or 6 horses
The walker has a diameter of 15 m, a 2.50 m wide corridor, an aluminium pushing bar, electrified doors and a simple control box.

The infill of the frames forming the corridor can be of wood or polyethylene panels or concrete slabs. The entrance can be built to form a porch, as an option.

The advantages

  • Guaranteed to last
  • Regular exercising for your horse
  • Safety

To take advantage of all the benefits offered by a circular walker, contact JMETA!