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Our concrete buildings

For unrivalled strength, choose our concrete stalls. They are manufactured to provide unchallenged ruggedness!

The construction includes an IPE beam structure.

Concrete slabs measuring 10 cm in thickness are inserted between the frame sections.

The roof is then mounted on top. You can choose between the ISODRAIN roof (anti-condensation agricultural sheet-metal) or a corrugated cement roof, or an AGRI ECO panel roof with 30 mm of polyurethane insulation. The roof can also be made of pantiled panels with 40 mm of polyurethane insulation and white lacquered sheet metal on the underside, unless specified otherwise on the order. As an option, the buildings can be built with rainwater gutters and downpipes.
The gable ends are closed with 16 mm thick clear polycarbonate panels.
The interior fronts have a sliding doors with bars, offering a clearance of 1.20 m.
We use rails and double wheels of the HERCULE type by MANTION in BESANCON.

A seal is mounted under the outer perimeter frame.
Bracing is fitted to one of the crossbeams of the frame.


bâtiment bétonvue intérieure

The advantages

  • Guaranteed to last
  • Tailor-made solution, designed by us from start to finish
  • Meets every one of your expectations

See the full range of “Deco” concrete here :


Our firm is based in Bouillon where it manufactures and installs your concrete stables. For further information, please feel free to contact.