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Our fixed fronts and sliding doors for stalls

A limitless choice!

JMETA proposes a wide range of fixed fronts and sliding doors for stable stalls. Discover our propositions:

  • The front has a fixed section with a feed passage in the bars, floor guides and a sliding door with hardware fittings, 2 double wheel trucks, and 3 mm thick HERCULE rail by MANTION. There is a door stop holding it in the open position and a closing cam.
  • The door can be assembled individually but also with front bars on a cement block wall. 
  • Options include: an opening section, half the width of the door, which can be used as an interior accessory for isolating a difficult horse. The goose neck can be made of curved tube with vertical bars, including straits and oblique bars, but also placed lower in the structure, and can also be removable (for ponies).  The feeder door is built into the infill section at the bottom of the front, hinged on a central axis so that the feeder appears in line, outside the stall (the feeder is not included).

The advantages

  • Reinforced structure guaranteeing outstanding durability.
  • Impeccable aesthetics thanks to the highly finished welds.
  • Tailor-made solution, designed from us from start to finish.

The best fixed fronts and sliding doors for stable stalls come from JMETA in Bouillon!