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Our octagonal stables

The ideal solution for a private stable

This is the JMETA solution for functional private stables, complete and agreeable for horses to live in. Our octagonal stables offer a complete complex with stables (construction by JMETA) and an arena: the stable is polygonal or hexagonal, decagonal or dodecagonal, etc.

The stools form trapeziums with a central arena illuminated by a translucent roof and an electrically-opening cupola for aeration.

The fronts open through 180° for cleaning out the interior of the stalls.

One side of the polygon is used as a “shower, solarium” area. The other side of the polygon is used as an entrance and connects to the arena while the remaining triangles become the tack room and the technical room. On the outside, the stalls extend into individual trapezium shaped paddocks for each stall and the more the paddock is extended, the greater the area becomes by virtue of the trapezium formed.

The advantages

  • Guaranteed to last
  • Tailor-made solution, designed by us from start to finish
  • Agreable to live in

You can count on the know-how of our craftsmen in Bouillon to build the best octagonal stalls! We are available for more detailed information.