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Our outdoor stalls: wood and polyethylene range

Our firm specializes in the manufacture of wood or polyethylene stalls which we then install in your stable, wherever it may be. Our know-how means that you get the best possible infrastructures for your horses. Learn more about our manufacturing process:

The construction uses a system in which galvanized chassis are assembled together.

The chassis are constructed by concealed welds and measure 6 cm thick with posts measuring 60 X 40 and horizontal special 6 ply U profile beams and double U profile beams arranged head to tail in the central beam. The 6 plies offer the lateral rigidity which is essential for long sections. This profile is shown in the paragraph covering new construction materials.

From a concern for quality, and whenever necessary, the chassis will be manufactured with floor slopes measured by laser appliances.

Filling is by two heights of 38 mm thick polyethylene or 53 mm autoclave treated Red Fir vertical boards.

Galvanized rectangular section mental tube frames accommodate the 6.5×17.5 treated wood rafters supporting the various roofing solutions: ISODRAIN roofing (anti-condensation agricultural sheeting) or the AGRI ECO corrugated cement aspect roofing panels with 30mm of polyurethane insulation, or pantiled panels with 40mm of polyurethane insulation and white light. Sheeting on the underside. Unless specified otherwise on the order, the buildings can be assembled with rainwater gutters and down pipes as an option, as provided for in the technical description.

Gable ends are closed with 16mm thick clear polycarbonate panels.

Interior fronts have a sliding door with bars and an opening measuring 1.20 m.

We use rails and double wheels of the HERCULE type manufactured by MANTION in BESANCON.

A seal is placed under the outer perimeter chassis.

Metal bracing is installed every four boards to ensure the external rigidity of the polyethylene board panels.

Bracing is fitted to one of the crossbeams of the frame

 The advantages

  • Tailor-made solution, designed by us from start to finish.
  • Meets every one of your expectations

To discover our range of wooden stalls in Bouillon, please feel free to contact us!