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Our removable stalls

Your installation is up and running in a jiffy!

Looking for a temporary system to shelter your horses? We can supply you with removable stalls, a practical solution which is put up and taken down in a few minutes.

  • Our barns: this a temporary building which does not require a building permit. These Barn stalls (tent system) can be used over a length of time of up to several months. They are put up and taken down in just a few hours. The building is built of top-quality materials, offering a luxurious presentation designed to match perfectly a country environment. The result is a real building having an 8 x 12 metre footprint, equivalent to eight 3 x 3 metre stalls with a 2 m wide central passageway. The structure consists of galvanized metal chassis filled with 4 mm thick green-tinted honeycomb polyethylene panels. There are opening doors on the inner fronts, built into the 40 mm thick chassis structure. Opening is by a 600 gram/m² white tarpaulin with a door at either end and two 1 m² ventilations above them.
  • TOP competition stalls: set of 4 or 6 stalls arranged back to back: this building is constructed in the same way as the Quick Barns with a configuration of 4 or 6 tarpaulin-clad stalls in the line.
  • Meadow shelters are similar to our outdoor stalls without a facade with an opening door. The assembly is filled with grey 28 mm PE to a height of 1.22 m at the bottom, reinforced by steel cladding and a steel pan roof. The 1.80 m breeding unit is proposed as an option, accompanied by a special feeding front. It is designed to allow the supply of hay throughout the winter.


The advantages

  • Guaranteed to last
  • Fast
  • Practical
  • Economical

Do you want more information about the removable boxes? Contact JMETA in Bouillon!