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Kicking walls

A limitless choice!

To comply with the legislation, public arenas must be provided with kicking wall protection. The curved shape of the JMETA kicking wall allows easy grading of the surface and prevents the horses from mounting on the base of the kicking wall.

After installation, we advise initial spraying with a lasure varnish and spraying every year on the wood models.

Because the doors open outwards, the openings can be masked using kicking wall liners.

We propose several options:

  • Okoume

– curved 125/110

– curved 140/110 

Combination of okoume on the outside and 7 ply poplar on the inside. (width 1100mm / thickness 26mm)

  • MDF water repellent (width 1100mm / thickness 16mm):

– curved 125/110 

– curved 140/110 MDF water repellent

  •  Marine panels: straight 1500/3000 fitted Width = 3000 mm/thickness = 18mm


  • Curved polyester choice of colours, 1.25m X 2m. Totally maintenance-free.

The advantages

  • Guaranteed to last
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Safety

The best kicking walls in Bouillon and the area are at JMETA!